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Maddie Samuels is woman both of and ahead of her time. She knows she doesn't belong in the kitchen, and she refuses to become trapped in a secretarial pool. In mid-1960s New York City, she's not only determined to succeed in a man's world, but to prove her work is as good as any man's.With “free love” redefining relationships with head-spinning rapidity, Maddie learns how to push the accepted boundaries of established old-boy networks while refusing to accept the all-too-pervasive harassment by men in power. And yet as a woman in love, she discovers that beliefs and actions are often very different things, especially when it comes to a man like the seductive and charismatic Rob MacLeod.​Set in the era of Mad Men, I Love You Today is passionate, sexy, liberating and deeply moving. With a story as relevant today as it was then, this is a novel that readers will take to their hearts and their souls.

publication_date:April 2017
ISBN: 9781943486991
Title: I Love You Today
Author:Marcia Gloster
Imprint:Fiction Studio Books